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Product Disclaimers

As an retailer, it's our job to provide certain disclaimers for independent brands or products. The following list will display all brands product limitations for the USA market.

- Seibon Carbon (Seibon)
For the best possible fitment, we recommend having an expert install your product(s) – someone who has experience working with carbon fiber. Although some body shops have been in business for many years, they may not have sufficient experience in installing carbon fiber or fiberglass components. Make sure that your installer is familiar with these products. All parts should be pre-fitted before making ANY kind of modification, i.e. cutting, painting, sanding, etc. For hoods and trunks: Seibon strongly discourages the use and/or installation of shocks, dampers, struts, and springs that originally mounted to your hood and/or trunk. Carbon products are lighter in weight, so these mechanisms may prevent your hood and/or trunk from closing and may cause products to crack due to pressure. For safety reasons, hood pins are REQUIRED. To avoid pre-mature aging or discoloration of your hood, it is highly recommended to install a heat shield. A heat shield helps keep the factory paint/clear coat from damages caused by engine heat. It will do the same for any carbon fiber or aftermarket hood.
VIS Racing (VIS)
All bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, or hoods require professional installation. That means that these parts need to be done by experienced body shops that have done bodykits before, not just a regular collision shop. Due to the fact that these are aftermarket parts, some modifications of the parts and/or vehicles maybe necessary. Make sure an installation fit has been done first before priming and painting. Once painting has been done, it is very difficult to modify to fit without destroying the paint.
Items sold by VIS Racing Sports Inc. ("VIS") may not be legal for street use in all states and none of the parts from our company are DOT approved. It is the purchaser's responsibility to comply with applicable state laws. All fiberglass or carbon fiber parts have no warranty. All goods are sold as is unless otherwise specified. There are no other warranties, express, implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
Adjustment is required for any hood installation. Gap really isn’t too bad, and can be fixed, it’s just how meticulous you are with adjusting. To do it correctly (this is even if you put your factory hood back on), you would have to loosen (not remove) the all the bolts attaching the hood to the hinges to get that lined up initially. Once that’s complete, you will close the hood and check that there is not excessive tension on the front latch. If there is, you would loosen that and adjust until it closes like the factory hood. Do not gravity drop the hood to get it closed, or press on the front too hard (or press over and over) to close it. Adjust pressure with your palm over the latch area until it latches.
All bumpers, hoods, and major body panels require professional installation. MSP covers, interior replacement pieces, lighting products, and minor body parts do not require professional installation. All MSP products use real carbon fiber and no item will be hydro-dipped or have carbon fiber vinyl. MSP products may not be legal as they are not DOT approved and are meant for off-road use only. VR Style products will require adjustments as they are all hand made so not two pieces will be the exact same. All items are hand made which may cause imperfections that a body shop will be able to fix. Not all collision shops deal with these types of parts so we recommend going to a body shop that works with aftermarket body panels. Make sure to test fit before priming and painting. Once painted, it is very hard to modify the bumper to achieve optimal fitment. We do not drill out mounting points to offer the most leeway in fitting our parts. Care should be taken in test fitting, marking and drilling said mounting points. Our fiberglass parts only come with a protective layer of primer, so proper sanding, blocking and paint prep will be required. No aftermarket body parts are a simple OEM swap, and ours are no different. Please keep this in mind when setting expectations of what is required. Carbon Fiber body panels will consist of fiberglass components with carbon fiber hand laid over the fiberglass. This is an industry standard and any component labeled as "dry carbon" will be the same way. Dry Carbon is a component crafted out of carbon fiber and will not have a fiberglass backing. MSP interior replacement items are made with OEM parts and have carbon skinned over the top. This is done to achieve the best fitment and carbon quality. For freighted items, we recommend looking over the item thoroughly and detailing the item from any scuffs or tape residue left from shipping. 
- COBB Tuning (COBB)Products ordered through the Websites are subject to acceptance by COBB Tuning Products LLC at its sole discretion. COBB Tuning Products LLC may refuse to accept or may cancel any product order, whether or not confirmed, for any or no reason, in its sole discretion, and without liability to the purchaser or any third party. Risk of loss and title for all products purchased from COBB Tuning Products LLC will pass to you upon COBB Tuning Products LLC’s delivery of such products to its shipping carrier. COBB strives to lead the way in a world with stricter emissions compliancy. Some items that are not 50 State Legal can be restricted from entering certain states if they have not met certain regulations. We reserve the right to cancel any orders entering a state that COBB has not certified the sale for. The purchasing party assumes all liability in maintaining the vehicle. The purchasing party shall also tune a vehicle if required by a certain upgrade.