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TFWorks Front End Lift System (Universal)

by TFWorks
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Damper Type: Standard

The TFWorks Air Cup System is the perfect addition to any coilover (exclusions apply) that gives the user more ground clearance with the push of a button. This system was rigorously engineered to be reliable and efficient. The system is compatible with all makes and models, after the purchase we will reach out to you directly and make sure the correct system is manufactured for you. They are made to order and take around 7-10 days to be ready to ship. If you have ANY questions, please reach out to us at!



Endo CVT (compressor, valve, tank) contains compressor, valves, and ECU inside of the tank.  This reduces overall foot print of install space which can be a deal breaker for some vehicles.  Internal Wabco compressors refills at twice the speed of current market compressors (we can vouch for this). It also contains an ECU that monitors tank pressure, compressor head temperature, and ambient moisture levels to optimize compressor operation, provide maximum duty cycle, as well as regenerate the built-in desiccant air dryer as required. 

Endo CVT is "almost" silent.  It uses patent pending primary and secondary isolation system that softly suspends the compressor inside the tank body.  When the compressor kicks on, only thing you'll hear is a feint gurgling noise that is not obtrusive.  Since the compressor is suspended, most of the vibrations are non existent as well.  

Endo tanks are serviceable and modular as well.  Internal hardwares can be upgraded or added on.

Since aircups don't require fixed pressure, we include a manual control box with a micro switch.  


TF Aircups

CNC billet T6061 aluminum is used for the cup and pistons.  Locking C-clip and shaft bushings are stainless steel for corrosion free operation.  Our cups are designed as a self sealed unit, which means it doesn't rely on the shaft threads to seal the air in.  Some of the other aircups on the market uses piston shaft to mount and seal to the damper.  This design can lead to leaks and many times it is hard to diagnose and fix.   Another problem is that the cup is fixed with the shaft so the cups will rotate with the shaft, causing rupture in the airhoses.

Our cups are designed to work with most dampers utilizing 65mm ID springs.  Our cups will work with inverted monotube as well.  Cups are designed to lift true 2inches at the damper.  Depending on the motion ratio of the car, you can expect 2~3.5 inches of lift at the wheel.  Cups can be fitted upto 24kg/mm (1350lbs/in) springs.


Included : 

  • ACCUAIR Endo CVT 3gal tank
  • ACCUAIR harness
  • TFWorks Air cups (Qty 2)
  • Airhoses
  • Manual control box
  • Micro switch
  • 3way airhose splitter