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MSP Underglow Kit

by MSP
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The MSP Under glow kit is exactly what you would expect and more! This kit comes with 3M adhesive pre-applied for an easy install. For those who desire an under glow kit on their vehicle this one by MSP is best. With 8 preset static colors, 4 lightning effects, and multiple patterns there is nothing that this kit cannot do. With 100 feet of range this kit will have your vehicle glowing as you drive down the highway.


Under glow is a popular effect that comes from the 90s. For those looking to add some color and ground effects to their vehicle the MSP under glow kit is perfect. This kit has many different features and installs easily to the underside of your Subaru.


  • Remote control for easy adjust

  • 8 preset static colors

  • 4 lightning effects

  • 2 preset jump 

  • 2 preset fading patterns

  • 4 sound active modes

  • Pre-applied adhesive

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Not winter rated

I live in Pennsylvania so we experience good and bads of all season. One rainy night I hit a puddle and disconnected my sides so I recommend putting electrical tape around the connection. Now after this recent winter storm we had I noticed my side strips weren't lighting up. I checked the connection and noticed both sets of side lights had corroded somehow and when I checked the connection 1 pin in each had corroded off. Now I don't fully blame the company or product cause the main cause was probably salt. For 70$ it's not terrible. Will say if you don't plan on installing and drilling to put the main box inside your car, you will need extentions. If I could just get only the sides for like 20$ I would but don't want to spend another 70 just to replace the corroded side lights.

Joseph Olson
Love the look

Great product love the look and install was nice!

Patrick Carender
Perfect service

I highly recommend wrx daily for all your wrx needs and upgrades