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FactionFab 22mm Front Sway Bar 2002-2007 WRX Wagon

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  • Front location
  • 22mm in size
  • Solid spring steel construction
  • Black powder-coated for protection 
  • Chassis-specific thickness for balanced grip and reduced body roll
  • Non-adjustable 
  • Red polyurethane PTFE-lined greaseless bushings
  • Supporting locks, braces, and end links will be included depending on your application and where required
  • Designed to be used with OEM components and end links when available


  • End links will soon be available as a separate purchase for all applications 
  • For 02-07 wagon models only
  • Non-adjustable mounting points



Sway bars are very simple to install, as they will make your car feel more planted and predictable in or corner. The sway bar connects both sides of the vehicle suspension to limit articulation, which has 2 main benefits. The first benefit is that it distributes some of the suspension load to the inside tire under hard cornering. The second benefit is that it keeps the body of the vehicle closer to parallel, which prevents some weight shift and dies a better job of keeping the driver firmly planted in the driver's seat. 

When it comes to controllable cornering, the biggest contributor is the suspension spring rate and damper valving. Generally, the theory is that higher spring rates keep the car more stable when doing performance driving, but this also leads to a very uncomfortable experience for the driver or passengers, as well as potential grip loss on rougher surfaces. A sway bar is designed to take on some of that load, but only when approaching a certain limit while cornering. The sway bar connects the two sides of the vehicle together so that when one side of the car starts to compress beyond a certain range (the outside wheel in a corner), it transfers the load to the other side (inside of the wheel). This can effectively increase the spring rate on the outside while turning, but when driving straight you can get away with a softer spring rate that will be more compliant on bumps, or during a daily drive. 

Different sway bar construction can determine how much of an effect it has. A thinner sway bar will twist easier and transfer less load, contributing to a more compliant ride for a street car, while thicker bars transfer more load and give a stiffer feel. Many aftermarket options also feature "adjustable" mounting points, which allow you to change the location of the end link mount. Using the farthest hole will give the suspension more leverage over the bar and allow for more movement (making the sway bar perform like a thinner bar) while using the inside would be the "stiff" setting. 

You can also alter some driving characteristics such as front/rear suspension bias with sway bars. For most of the Subaru applications which tend to understeer a bit too much, simply adding a thicker rear sway bar is a great way to shift the bias to the rear, which helps the car rotate and oversteer easier. Or when adding both front and rear bars, you can utilize the adjustable mounting points to fine-tune where you want the bias to be.

Faction Fab has gone through major efforts to test multiple thickness options so that they can offer what they consider to be the best sway bar sizes. Simply add a rear sway bar to help the back end rotate easier, or add both a front and rear sway bar for a much more balanced, maximum grip option.