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FactionFab F-Spec Front Brake Pads 2003-2005 / 2008-2010 WRX

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The Faction Fab F-Spec Front Brake Pads offer great linear thermal stability with easy pedal modulation and consistent braking performance. These are high-performance brake pads that are ideal for the street, auto-x, and light track use with their great low-temperature operation, low noise, and high rotor life characteristics.


Braking is the most essential function of your vehicle. Don't put your life on the line with cheap low budget brake pads. Give your vehicle these FactionFab F-Spec Front Brake Pads that are ideal for all levels of driving and are guaranteed to slow your car down in an instant.


  • 1300ºF maximum operating temperature to aid in fade resistance

  • Excellent modulation and initial bite

  • Pre-scorched compound to aid in cold weather modulation

  • Precision cut backing plates ensure correct pad fitment in the caliper body eliminating vibrations and noise under braking


2003-2005 WRX

2008-2010 WRX