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FactionFab V2 FL-Spec Coilovers 2022+ WRX

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These V2 FL-Specs are our best “all-around” coilover. They have balanced spring rates and valving to suit street and light track driving while improving handling and steering response. The FL-Spec line features a hybrid rubber-isolated camber plate that significantly reduces NVH while providing camber adjustment in the front. They also have the biggest height adjustment range of all our coilovers so you can ride at near stock height or at extreme lows. The Faction Fab V2 FL-Spec Coilover has been designed to provide a great combination of both comfort for the street, as well as the performance for light track use.


The FactionFab V2 FL-Spec Street Coil-overs are ideal for those of you looking to achieve that aggressive lowered look while improving the handling and steering response of your vehicle. These have been engineered using the perfect spring rates so that you can have an efficient suspension package without compromising the overall ride quality. 


  • Revised spring rates - small adjustments for a perfect application

  • More dynamic damping adjustment range - 30 clicks

  • Offset camber plate to enable a more negative camber adjustment after lowering

  • Includes height-adjustment tools

  • Includes damping adjustment tools


2022+ WRX