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FactionFab Slotted Rear Rotor 2008-2017 STI

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Designed for optimal performance on the street and during spirited drives, these slotted rear brake rotors from Faction Fab promise to elevate your overall braking experience. Engineered to improve braking response, thermal stability, brake cooling, and pad cleanliness, these rotors ensure increased braking performance in various driving scenarios. 


Braking is essential to the safety and functionality of your vehicle. The FactionFab Slotted Rear Rotor allows for quick braking and long lasting durability. Whether you are on the track or cruising the highway these rotors are great for bringing your vehicle to a stop quickly. 


  • Electronically applied E-Coating for corrosion resistance

  • 400-hour salt spray tested

  • High-Carbon content for wear resistance

  • Fully coated inside and out

  • Mill balanced for reduced vibration

  • Sold individually


2008-2017 STI