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IBR Flex Fuel Sensor Kit 2008-2014 WRX/STI

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This kit is designed to provide a way to data log and monitor the ethanol content of fuel on most new Subaru Vehicles. Our proprietary controller reduces complications by generating its own on board 12V supply to power the sensor. This reduces wiring, installation time and improves reliability. Our system also properly references the ECU 5V power to provide the most consistent and accurate data. We have supplied hose assemblies for both the 2008+ STi and WRX in a single kit to reduce complication and confusion when ordering. The kit also comes with a custom wiring harness that can be detached from the controller to make any troubleshooting and repairs simple and painless.

Since the cars only have two TGV plugs capable of receiving inputs you cannot run our Secondary Injection Controller, Flex Fuel Sensor and Fuel Pressure Sensor kits all at the same time. You can only run a maximum of two of these three items. The SIC can be wired as power only in order to utilize all three but a custom harness must be made.

2008 - 2021 STi
2008 - 2021 WRX

Works with all fuel management systems but the car must be tuned specifically to run flex fuel.

Key Benefits:

  • Replaceable wiring harness that will be sold separately

  • Automotive grade wiring

  • No need for 12v supply from rear O2 sensor (common failure point)

  • Installation can be done from the top with no need to crawl under the car

  • Properly referenced analog output from ECU 5V for better accuracy

  • Potted housing with solid pin connector for the ultimate in durability

Included in the kit:

Continental Flex Fuel Sensor
Flex Fuel Sensor Bracket
Flex Fuel Sensor Controller
Wiring Harness
Fuel Lines for both the 2008+ STi and WRX