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IDoing Head Unit 2002-2007 Impreza

by IDoing
Original price $430.00 - Original price $475.00
Original price
$430.00 - $475.00
Current price $430.00
Select Model Year of Vehicle: 2002
Select Processor: 4G-64G (Default)
Add IDoing Backup Camera?: No

The IDoing head unit is a full plug and play solution that features a 9" display. It is a great way to add Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to any 2002-2007 Subaru Impreza. Apple Carplay and Android Auto are also now made wireless! This is the only unit on the market currently that will include everything necessary for the installation (it even includes necessary tools)! 

All OEM features are retained such as the steering wheel controls and backup camera. 

The head unit comes with the Google Play Store pre-downloaded so apps like YouTube, Clash of Clans, Amazon Prime Video are available to be played/watched on the head unit.

There are tons of audio settings to mess around with and the head unit is compatible with aftermarket subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers, etc. An IDoing head unit is recommended for all Subaru's with aftermarket audio upgrades because the OEM radio is not built to handle the improved performance. You will really be able to notice the difference in audio quality after installing the head unit, it is the immediate response we receive from our hundreds of satisfied customers.

IDoing offers a two year warranty for this head unit and is trusted by thousands of customers! This is truly the best head unit available! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ethan Hatcher
An incredible option to modernize your interior, with few small complaints.

First and foremost this product is AMAZING! It is the perfect touch to completely transform and modernize the interior of the GD chassis.

The only gripes that I personally have are small, nit-picky kinds of annoyances. The first of which being how long the Apple CarPlay takes to connect. It has never failed to connect, just annoyingly long. I ~could~ use the cord to instantaneously access this feature, however that defeats the purpose of having the Bluetooth connectivity in the first place.

The second small annoyance, which is almost standard across the board nowadays and not specific to this unit particularly… there should be a volume knob!!! It’s inconvenient to have to do a visual search for the volume buttons (which are very close to eachother so it is easy to press the opposite) as opposed to reaching a hand out and quickly locating a knob without the need for your visual attention.

Great Receiver

I didn't see the 8g x 128 model on the website, so I inquired via email and they stated they can order it. So I went ahead and placed the order and received the confirmation. I received the product as expected and was delighted to get it installed. Upon doing so, I was amazed at the responsiveness compared to my old Android Unit. It loaded up immediately and there was no lag of any kind in working any apps. Although the WIFI antenna is short, the range seems to be pretty good as it picked up on any nearby access points within 50ft. All aspects of the audio feature is great for fine tuning the sound for the front, driver, rear or passenger specific. I wrapped the trim to match my other trims and it looks great now. A must have for any multi-media heads.