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Perrin Front Mount Intercooler Kit 2015-2021 WRX

by Perrin
Original price $2,062.95 - Original price $2,156.45
Original price
$2,062.95 - $2,156.45
Current price $2,062.95
Select Piping Color: Black
Select Core Option: Black Core

Intercooler Construction

The Perrin Intercooler Core is 28" long x 9.25" tall x 3.5" deep with a volume of 906.5 cu-in. which gives the Perrin Intercooler the best overall design for cooling and pressure drop! The 3/8" bar and plate design is more durable than the tube and fin design and has the ability to withstand rocks and other debris.

Intercooler Finish

Every Perrin Intercooler Core features a powder coat finish to protect your intercooler from the elements. There are two finish options: bright silver or stealth black.

End Tanks Design

Perrin End Tanks are perfectly designed to disperse hot charge air across the entire intercooler core. By eliminating 90° corners and adding a smooth, gradual taper from top to bottom, turbulence is eliminated. Each end tank incorporates an innovative mounting tab that secures the core to the mounting beam. 

Intercooler Support Beam

Perrin Intercooler Support Beams are constructed from boxed steel and are powder coated black. Competitors use inexpensive aluminum bumper beams which save a little weight but can easily be destroyed in a collision. 

Boost Tube Construction

With boost tubes up to 2.25" diameter, Perrin Boost Tubes feature smooth routing while remaining large enough to flow more WHP than most turbos can put out. They are CNC mandrel bent from lightweight aluminum tubing and feature an oversized, beaded end to ensure the hose clamps and couplers stay connected and sealed, no matter your boost level! 

Boost Tube Finish 

Perrin Boost Tubes are powder-coated for protection from the elements, making them look awesome for years to come. Boost tubes for this kit come in three finish options, glossy neon yellow and texture powder-coated black or red.

Boost Tube Routing

Perrin Boost Tubes take the smoothest, shortest path to get air to and from the intercooler. Off the turbo, a smooth offset coupler carries the hot side air charge through the entire engine bay past the battery, and down behind the radiator to the intercooler core. Cold side boost tubes are mounted as high as possible in the engine compartment to clear all turbo and intake combinations.

Intercooler Pressure Testing

Perrin is one of the only intercooler manufacturers who pressure test every intercooler to 50psi. Even the slightest leak can bleed turbo boost pressure out of the intercooler and cause your vehicle to lose power.

Coolant Reservoir

Every Perrin Front Mount Intercooler Kit includes a new Perrin Coolant Overflow Tank adding clearance for boost tube routing. The Perrin Coolant Overflow Tank is protected from the elements with a black texture powder coating.

Washer Tank

The Perrin FMIC Kit includes a 6061 aluminum, high-capacity washer fluid tank and this provides extra space for proper boost tube routing.