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Perrin Oil Cooler Kit 2022+ WRX

by Perrin
Original price $377.40 - Original price $724.20
Original price
$377.40 - $724.20
Current price $724.20
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Why You Want This

In racing conditions engine oil temperature skyrockets. This causes decreased engine performance and reduces the oil's ability to properly lubricate. A well-designed engine oil cooling system like the Perrin Oil Cooler Kit will help keep temperatures within the desired temperature range, thus maintain performance and prolonging engine life. Most setups can see a drop of approximately 15-20 degrees at 7,000 RPM. 

Bar and Plate Core

Each Perrin Oil Cooler uses a high-efficiency Perrin bar and plate-style oil cooler core. This design maximizes heat dissipation without restricting oil flow to ensure your engine is fed with full oil pressure. This bar and plate design is much stronger and withstands damage from normal road debris more efficiently than tube and fin type cores. The mounting holes and hose connection points are also more durable.

Integrated Thermostat

The Perrin Filter Adapter features an integrated 85°C (185°F) thermostat. This means your oil will reach the optimum operating temperature of the 85°C within the engine before it is released the oil cooler.

Oil Spacer

In addition to a new OEM oil filter from Subaru, we include a Perrin Oil Spacer too allow for easy installation of the thermostat-filter assembly.

Mounting Brackets

The Perrin Oil Cooler comes with custom brackets that allow the oil cooler to mount easily to the front of your vehicle. Made with 304SS to ensure the brackets last the life of the car. 

Pre-Assembled Hoses

Full Perrin Oil Cooler Kits feature lightweight Aeroquip brand -10 hose that are rated for 250psi and 300°F continuous temperature. Each hose comes pre-assembled and wrapped with our industrial grade Pyrojacket that can withstand continuous exposure to 500°F and up to 2000°F for 15-20 minutes. 

Tuner Kits

Perrin Oil Cooler Kits are perfect for custom race applications and/or show car setups where you want to create your own custom hoses and fittings. A Perrin Oil Cooler Tuner Kit will supply the core and brackets, you supply the rest.