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Rotora Big Brake Kit 6/4 Piston Calipers w/ Slotted Rotors 2022+ WRX w/ Manual E-Brake

by RotorA
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Rotora is a worldwide aftermarket designer and manufacturer of high-performance braking systems and brake components including brake calipers, cast iron and ceramic composite brake discs, stainless steel braided brake hoses and pads ranging from street performance to full race.

Rotora's high-performance Street Challenge Brake System enables superior brake modulation while improving overall pedal feel to ensure equal distribution of weight transfer when braking.  To achieve this proportional front-to-rear brake bias, Rotora’s brake systems are strategically engineered to work in conjunction with the original vehicle stock master cylinder thereby producing shorter stopping distances. 

In using larger calipers and discs made with stronger, lighter weight material, Rotora Brake System’s thermal capacity and brake torque is increased over the vehicles original brake system.  These are the design enhancements that are demanded in high-performance street and track vehicles.  All Rotora Brake Systems are fully compatible with ABS and traction control systems.  All brake components are direct bolt-on systems for production vehicles with minimal modifications required. 


  • Calipers:
    • Rotora 6 Piston Front, 4 Piston Rear forged aluminum calipers with sequentially sized piston bore sizes engineered to each specific vehicle and to minimize pad taper wear for longer pad life. All Rotora calipers are fully forged (2024-T6) for optimal strength, stiffness and light weight.
  • Rotors:
    • Rotora 355x32 Front, and 350x29 two-piece rear rotors that are coated with anti-corrosion zinc plating as added rust protection. They also utilize a billet 6061-T6 forged aluminum hat to reduce heat related stress and unsprung weight. Anti-Rattle float drive hardware is also included for the two-piece disc systems to allow discs to expand and contract under extreme usage.
  • Caliper Brackets:
    • Rotora 7075-T6 billet aluminum forged caliper bracket (depending on application) to reduce unsprung weight.
  • Brake Pads:
    • Rotora includes the H2 Ceramic Compound standard in this Street Challenge kit, the H2 high-ceramic pad offers a solid brake fade resistance to increase driver’s controllability. H2 pads accommodate all driving styles, track lengths and environmental conditions.  The ideal pad for all-around performance, daily street, and light track ready.
  • Brake lines:
    • Rotora DOT compliant stainless steel braided brake lines to improve stiffer pedal feel and prevent brake hose expansion.

Important Notes: 

  • Rotora Big Brake Kits are made to order and carry a 60-90 day lead time in most cases, we will be stocking these kits in the future to help cut down the lead time but please be aware and plan accordingly. 
  • Photos of the kits installed are generic and do not depict the specific vehicle offering. Photos are for caliper color reference only
  • Additional color options are available but considered special order; require full payment and are non cancellable.

Customer Reviews

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Rotora BBK

This BBK is awesome. 6/4 setup makes the STI that never was. The blue is also very close to WRB if anyone was curious. They work really well for a brake kit. No complaints from me! Love them so far!

Thanks for your review, Ryan! We appreciate your continued support!