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Subaru JDM DRL Fog Light Bezels w/o Turn Signal Holes 2018-2021 WRX/STI

by Subaru
SKU H4517-408-409-KIT
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With a new front bumper comes the need for a new JDM S4 DRL bezel. This one is designed for WRX owners who have their turn signals integrated into their headlights. As many know, this modification can be done to a WRX Base and Premium models via modified C-lights.

Since most of our customers have non-JDM vehicles, we've adapted these to have a standard T-tap on the end. We've also included 2 extensions which can aide in connecting the lights to existing lights or our DRL harness.

NOTE: DO NOT connect 12v wiring directly to the LEDs. There is an LED driver box for each side. Connect the SubiSpeed Quick Connect harness to this LED driver box and then connect the LED driver box to the LEDs. The T-taps at the end of the Quick Connect harness will have red and black wiring. Connect the black wire to ground and the red wire to +12v.


This bezel is a good choice for 2018+ WRX Limited owners who have fog lights. If you have a 2018+ WRX Base or Premium model and upgrade your C-lights to include turn signals in the headlamps, you can remove your standalone turn signals and use this bezel as well. You can also use this on STI models. Of course you'll also want to be equipped with fog lights no matter what model you have.

NOTE: Bundle does NOT include fog lights.


SubiSpeed knows how time consuming and confusing wiring can be. USDM vehicles don't have the exact same wiring harness as their JDM counterparts. We've updated this product to include plug and play adapters that will give you quick connects on one end (via T Taps).

This will reduce install time and make it possible for novice installers to wire up the lights without soldering or stripping wires.

NOTE: There is a factory JDM harness inside the box as well. It is recognizable by the factory style plugs on the ends. We have not removed this from the kit, but it will not be used in most USDM installations.


When wiring with factory LED headlight equipped vehicles (WRX Limited / STI), we recommend you tap the headlight wires. Find a bundle consisting on 1 red, 1 black, and 1 green wire. Tap red to red on the quick connect and black to black on both sides.

For other vehicles, we recommend one of our DRL harnesses.


  • 2x OEM Fog Light Bezels
  • 2x OEM LED assembly
  • 2x LED driver boxes
  • JDM OEM Harness (not used in most installs)
  • OEM Style Plugs with Quick Connectors (T taps)