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SubiSpeed Facelift JDM Style DRL Bezel 2018-2021 WRX / STI

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SubiSpeed introduces the Facelift JDM Style DRL Bezel, offering a unique opportunity to infuse JDM styling into your Subaru right here in the states.  SubiSpeed presents an accessible alternative to the JDM bezels. These bezels boast metallic gloss black finishes and an ultra-bright Daytime Running Light (DRL) strip, allowing you to replicate a similar look and elevate the style of your Subaru.


Subaru didn't bring these awesome fog light bezels to the states. They can be imported but at a cost. A similar look can be replicated using these SubiSpeed bezels however. They feature metallic gloss black bezels and an ultra bright DRL strip that will upgrade the look of your front bumper.


  • JDM Style Aesthetics

  • Metallic Gloss Black Finish

  • Ultra-Bright DRL Strip

  • Easier Access to JDM Styling

  • Sold as a Pair


2018-2021 WRX

2018-2021 STI