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GrimmSpeed Electronic Boost Control Solenoid 3-Port 2008-2021 STI

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The GrimSpeed Electronic Boost Control Solenoid is one of GrimmSpeed's most utilized upgrades due to the durability, simplicity of use, and the performance it delivers. Unlike your OEM 2-port solenoid, the GrimmSpeed3-Port BCS will allow for extremely high resolution boost control, providing your tuner with the hardware he needs to safely tune your car with rock solid boost levels. Using our solenoid, you are able to spool your turbo quicker and maintain tight control of boost levels throughout your power curve.

This is a must-have for those of you who are getting your vehicle fine-tuned outside of the capacities of the factory 2-port boost control unit. The 3-port system works by interrupting the boost signal that travels from the turbocharger to the wastegate. The factory system will 'bleed' the signal between the turbocharger and the wastegate which will create a system that reacts slowly, and with less precision. The GrimmSpeed BCS will provide a much tighter boost control and consistency that makes life easier for the tuner as the boost control will be more prompt and precise. 


When tuning and upgrading your vehicle keeping the tech components up to date is crucial. This electronic boost control solenoid allows for better tuning and more accurate boost consistency so you can get your ride dialed to perfection.


  • Decreases the spool time

  • The proprietary internal modification design prepares the solenoid for extreme conditions below the vehicle

  • Plug and play operation

  • Provides a quicker, and more precise boost control response

  • Makes tuning more simple and direct for the tuner

  • Works safely with factory Subaru ECU

  • Includes hardware


2008-2021 STI