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IAG EJ Competition Series Oil Pan 2002-2014 WRX/ 2004-2021 STI

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The IAG Competition Series Oil Pan for the Subaru WRX and STI is uniquely designed and CNC machined to suit a wide range of street and track applications.

About Competition Series EJ Oil Pan
The cast aluminum oil pan was designed with fitment for a larger variety of popular headers in mind, while still increasing oil capacity up to 30% over OEM.

The design incorporates cooling fins to aid in dissipating heat from the oil as air passes over them. The included oil drain plug is integrated into the lower cooling fins at the absolute bottom of the pan to make sure all the waste oil is removed during maintenance changes. The oil drain plug uses an OEM style crush washer. The oil pan is also threaded with 1/8th inch NPT port to accept many popular oil temperature sensors. 1/8th inch NPT plug is also included in the event that the sensor port is not used.

The upper flange mounting surface is CNC machined for better hardware fitment. The flange features a sealing O-ring for easier installation and removal. The pan is designed to use the included OEM style Viton dipstick o-rings with a unique chamfer to aid in the installation of the dipstick.

About Competition Series Oil Baffle
The IAG Competition Series Oil Baffle is designed to limit potential blow-by and prevent oil starvation in your Subaru's WRX / STI EJ engine during high rpm and high g-force driving. The Competition Series Baffle should be used in vehicles that will see track time, however, it is acceptable to run this baffle on the street as well. The Comp Series baffle is configured with Viton one-way flapper valves which hold oil in the area closest to the pickup. Combining the baffle with the louvers in our optional windage tray, oil is prevented from reentering the upper crankcase area and is directed down into the oil pan to ensure plentiful supply to the oil pickup. IAG's integrated oil baffle is designed to work with the IAG V2 oil pickup as well as other popular oil pickups.

This pan is compatible with the PN# IAG-ENG-2087 Oil Control Baffle and Windage Tray, or our new PN# IAG-ENG-2210 Windage Tray.

The pan is designed to work with the IAG and Killer B oil pickup.

Package Includes:

  • (x1) IAG Cast Aluminum Oil Pan with Machined Flanges, Cooling Fins & Black Finish
  • (x1) IAG Competition Series Oil Pan Baffle
  • (x1) Oil Pan Mounting Hardware Pack
  • (x1) Oil Baffle Hardware Pack
  • (x1) Oil Pickup Spacer Kit PN#IAG-ENG-2081SP
  • (x1) M20 Zinc Plated Oil Drain Plug & OEM Style Crush Washer/Gasket
  • (x1) 1/8" NPT Zinc Plated Plug
  • (x1) Oil Pan O-ring
  • (x2) Oil Pan Dipstick Viton OEM Sized O-rings
  • All necessary hardware required for install

Install Notes

  • IAG oil pickup spacer (Part# IAG-ENG-2081SP) is included and required when using the IAG oil pickup or Killer B oil pickup.
  • The pan is designed to work with the IAG and Killer B Oil Pickup.
  • Does NOT work with the Moroso or OEM Oil Pickup