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OLM Rain Guards 2022+ WRX

by OLM
SKU A.70256.1
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The OLM Style Rain Guards will allow enthusiasts to crack open the windows during a rainstorm to allow fresh air in without excessive rain or moisture from soaking the cabin. This is ideal for those of you who live in areas where fog buildup can be a problem, or you simply enjoy the fresh rain air. 


These rain guards from OLM make for an excellent alternative when compared to paying dealership costs. These will come in a dark transparent finish, and the installation is simple to make for an excellent exterior enhancement that will prevent moisture, while providing an overall refined look. 


  • Deflects moisture from entering the cabin during a rain storm

  • Dark transparent finish

  • Complete set for the front and rear doors

  • Provides the exterior with a more refined look


2022 WRX+