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OLM V2 LE DRY Carbon Fiber Ducted Inner Fender Trim 2015-2021 WRX/STI

by OLM
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New fender shrouds from OLM! Consider these the top of the line fender vents. Unlike most carbon fiber products, they are made from dry carbon. You'll immediately notice how thin and lightweight they are. You'll also notice that there's not excessive amount of resin giving them their strength. While manufacturing costs more, the results are clear. They're strong and the weave looks beautiful. Improve your engine bay aesthetics and make your engine bay stand out from your fellow enthusiasts with the OLM V2 LE Dry Carbon Fiber Ducted Inner Fender Trim.

"Pop the Hood." - Paul Walker. Part of modding your car is making it look good, and looks weren't really a concern when the engineers were designing your ride. It's easy to see that when you open up the hood and it easily looks like a rat's nest. OLM knows that looks on the outside don't mean squat if you can't show off what's under the hood.

The OLM V2 LE Dry Carbon Fiber Ducted Inner Fender Trim uses the factory mounting hardware from the fenders to cover up the open gaps in your engine bay and will help clean up the look of your engine bay, while adding a much needed accent to the scene.

This will fit both normal WRX and STI models. Includes right and left side pieces.