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OLM VA Style Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Exhaust Finishers 2015-2021 WRX/STI

by OLM
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Give a new look to the rear appearance of your vehicle with these VA style carbon fiber exhaust opening covers, adding a touch of carbon fiber elegance. Designed to enhance the look of the rear diffuser, these exhaust finishers offer a premium upgrade over the factory textured piece, which can appear dull. Crafted from carbon fiber and finished with a high gloss clear coat, they exude a sleek and premium aesthetic, enhancing the overall appeal of your vehicle's rear end.


Details matter. The OLM VA Style Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Exhaust Finishers are a subtle but noticeable mod. Enhance the back of your car with a carbon fiber touch from these exhaust finishers. 


  • Enhance the look of the rear diffuser

  • Crafted from carbon fiber for a premium finish

  • Finished with high gloss clear coat for sleek appearance

  • Easy installation


2015-2021 WRX

2015-2021 STI