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South Bend Clutch Stage 2 Endurance Clutch Kit 2006-2017 WRX

Original price $998.06 - Original price $998.06
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$998.06 - $998.06
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The South Bend Stage 2 Endurance Clutch Kit is a clutch kit that South Bend had intended for the racing climate. The pressure plate included in this kit has been precision balanced to maintain a vibration-free operation at higher RPMs. Additionally, the pressure plate fulcrum is altered for a positive disengagement to promote quicker shifts.

The disc included in this kit has been engineered with a dual damped design to provide accurate control when accelerating through corners. The friction material is a hybrid combination of a full face Feramic (sintered iron) lining on the flywheel side along with a high metal content with organic lining on the pressure plate side. South Bend considers the engagement to be positive yet buffered due to the high graphite content that is unique to Feramic facings. 

Aside from the pressure plate and disc, South Bend includes a new throw-out bearing, pilot bearing, and clutch alignment tool to make this clutch kit ready for installation.

Recommended for daily and street use with an emphasis on Rally and Endurance Racing.