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Subaru JDM DRL Bezels w/ Quick Connect 2018-2021 WRX/STI

by Subaru
SKU H4517VA437-KIT
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These JDM Final Edition fog light bezels take the 2018 update to the next and perhaps last level. They're more aggressive than ever and really transform the front end of the STI (or WRX without fog lights).

All of these parts are imported from Japan and currently not available in the states.

Since most of our customers have non-JDM vehicles, we've adapted these to have a standard T-tap on the end. We've also included 2 extensions which can aide in connecting the lights to existing lights or our DRL harness.

NOTE: DO NOT connect 12v wiring directly to the LEDs. There is an LED driver box for each side. Connect the SubiSpeed Quick Connect harness to this LED driver box and then connect the LED driver box to the LEDs. The T-taps at the end of the Quick Connect harness will have red and black wiring. Connect the black wire to ground and the red wire to +12v.